Indian Wood Speaks: See And Embrace The Country’s Culture And Tradition

Have you ever heard of speaking wood? Sure your mind may turn to a children’s story of trees that were able to talk to each other, or an animation on television where trees whispered secrets. However, that type of speaking wood is not the type we are talking about! Rather, it is the incredible ability to allow wood to speak and reveal its heritage and history to people who want to listen. Are you intrigued? Great! Let us tell you a few more details of how Indian wood speaks.

Dendroprovenance – A Big Word With An Even Bigger Meaning

Dendroprovenance is the technique of determining the origin of a particular piece of wood. Indeed, it is the process of allowing wood to speak, giving it a voice in effect. Different mountain ranges have different amounts of rainfall at different points in history. It is this variation in rainfall that affects the thickness as well as the tree rings.

An expert who understands the link between such external factors and how these impact the tree is able to begin to match different wood to different areas. In fact, not only can the area be identified but also the time period.

Why Should We Let Wood Speak?

The ability to feel at one with nature is an incredible gift which is hard to describe in mere words. It has the potential to relax and rejuvenate the mind and body. Allowing wood to speak is one way of reaching this goal. We put the power in the tree, not the person. We allow the incredible natural beauty to introduce itself to us and tell us a story of intrigue and heritage.

Certainly, understanding what stands behind a piece of wood can make it come to life. It can let the person see and embrace the country’s culture and tradition. We may look at a person who is 80 or 90 years of age and feel amazed at how much of life they have see and experienced. A piece of wood has often seen a whole lot more than 90 years!

If you have the opportunity to allow wood to speak, take the time to truly embrace the experience. As you hear about the history and heritage behind what you are looking at and touching, try to imagine everything that this natural beauty has seen.

Think about the changes in life that it has witnessed, as well as the changes in landscape and environment. Take the time to reflect on the privilege we each have to enjoy this wonderful planet earth that we call home.

Indeed, allowing wood to speak can do a whole lot more than simply provide you with a few facts and figures. Rather it can evoke a sense of awe, instill a feeling of inspiration and prompt a moment of reflection on life and purpose. Certainly, when Indian wood speaks, you have the opportunity to see and embrace the country’s culture and tradition.

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